At Masterful Jack we approach all projects with what we call a ‘5D’ strategy – Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy and Debrief.

Whether we’re building a mobile application, designing a new website or planning a marketing and advertising campaign, the 5D’s is our benchmark.


Since each project is different, it’s important that we learn about your business, where you’ve come from and where you’re heading. We’ll then delve deeper into your project requirements, allowing us to define your short, medium and long-term objectives, ensuring a successful outcome.


We don’t view ‘design’ simply as creating pretty pictures and graphics, but instead designing the overall strategy for any project e.g. bespoke websites, CRM/CMS platforms, mobile applications, to research or even advertising. This involves troubleshooting and solving problems, taking ideas and scribbles and beginning to create structure.


The development phase is where a project really begins to come to life. Throughout this period we’ll regularly share our progress with you, plus we like to keep you involved in during this process, as it’s not uncommon for new ideas to surface along the way, which need implementing sooner, rather than later.


After completing rigorous UAT and QA, deployment is a crucial stage of our 5D strategy and is all about getting your project live. This can include a variety of functions such as in-house training, a soft-launch event, to a heavy-weight advertising campaign, gorilla marketing or general PR activity.


Once your project has been deployed and is live, it’s time to review, reflect and debrief. This gives all parties the opportunity to discuss the project in-depth, highlighting any new findings within an open forum, prior to our team completing the hand-over process.